Rent Kayaks from our Dock

The option to rent our kayaks is exclusively for the guests of the Shell Garden Suite. We are in an ideal location for kayaking from our dock. At the end of our canal is a nature preservation area called the “Thousand Islands”. So if you take kayaks out from our dock you have the option of travelling up and down the many canals to check out the homes or get into nature by travelling in and around the islands. Dolphin, manatee and a variety of birds are often seen. We will provide you with all of the necessary gear, help you into the kayak, and will give you instructions and directions as needed.

For an additional charge, you can kayak directly from our dock. We have 3 kayaks. The orange kayak is a 16 ft Wilderness kayak with rudder. The blue kayak is a 2018 model 11 foot Hobe Mirage Revolution pedal kayak. It’s super fast and even has a reverse gear!

The white one is a tandem Hobe Mirage pedal kayak (this can also be paddled).

  1. White tandem pedal kayak is $45 for full day rental
  2. Orange traditional kayak is $30 for full day rental
  3. Blue pedal kayak is $35 for full day rental